WASHING away the dead, with danny boyle’S ‘pages of the sea’


We have shot a multitude of extraordinary art installations for 14-18 NOW to connect people with the events of the First World War. The culmination of this was a campaign to commemorate 100 years since Armistice Day, with the Centenary’s most ambitious project to date; Danny Boyle’s ‘Pages of the Sea’

The project, beyond being creatively very demanding was also logistically-fraught with complication. 32 beaches, 32 film crews, 22 drone crews, 5 helicopters, spread across the UK, all shooting live, feeding footage back to a national edit HQ that fed the social channels, before the Facebook broadcast went live at 1pm and the main news shows kicked in. All timed with the rhythm of the tide, as it marched in along 32 miles of beach to finally wash away the faces of the fallen.

The work was an enormous success, with our footage used across multiple news channels including the BBC, Sky News and ITV. The Facebook Live feed was viewed by over 2 million people and to close out the Centennial commemorations, the footage was wrapped up into a Sunday night BBC documentary.