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Ben is half of BAD, our Managing Partner, Creative Director and Executive Producer.

He has spent the past 18 years in various senior strategic, creative and commercial roles, across some of the world's biggest agencies and most exciting start-ups. During this time Ben has created and executed multi-award-winning campaigns for brands including Sainsbury's, Pringles, BT, Nissan, Disney, Jose Cuervo and Intel as well as entertainment clients including Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Working Title, Sony Pictures and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He has run large agency businesses within various WPP agencies, working above, below and every which way through the line, and has also founded numerous creative start-ups, both within holding groups such as Interpublic, as well as independently.

Most recently, Ben founded a unique creative intellectual property agency, which was merged into Bad Madam, and designed highly engaging, highly profitable forms of brand entertainment - assets that not only drove clients' brand agendas but also made their marketing efforts pay for themselves. The most award-winning example of this was his team's work for Sainsbury's which not only drove preference and sales through the difficult summer trading period, but also created an asset which became the fastest-selling book of all time for the brand, a two-time No.1 Bestseller nationally and a highly profitable campaign which won Campaign of The Year across numerous awards.

The IP business remains a major part of what makes Bad Madam unique - its ability to work through the line, produce and shoot the highest production-value content for all channels AND its pedigree in creating original ideas that redefine their value to a client through their commercial nature and performance.