‘30 Ways To Goodness’ with Faya Nilsson AND Blue Diamond


Blue Diamond is a premium Californian almond grower. ‘Grow Your Own Goodness’ was their proposition to compete in the increasingly competitive alternative milk market, and they came to Bad Madam to communicate this, their provenance…and make the eight minute Californian almond tree biopic they’d written…(without the required Cali-level production budget)

The biopic was a classic example of a story the brand wanted to tell, but not what the audience wanted to hear. They wanted easy, quick, trusted ways to improve their health using almonds. Not the story of the tree. So we developed ‘30 Ways To Goodness.’ 30 different ways people can grow their goodness via food and exercise. We wrote a 15-part web series of two-minute episodes featuring an inspiring almond-enriched healthy recipe and complimented by a quick exercise technique linked to the recipe. And we recruited Faya Nilsson, the leading health blogger Fitness on Toast and top personal trainer Nala to present the series. All for less budget than the production in California.

The film content anchored the 30 Ways to Goodness campaign website, drove traffic to the recipe pages and engaged viewers through the seeding programme across their social channels and editorially via the integrated PR campaign. The films and associated recipe and exercise content is still being used by Blue Diamond today, a testament to the success of the campaign over 3 years later.