Bad Madam partnered with BT to tell the story behind its Digital Champions campaign, where school kids were invited to sign up across the UK to teach internet skills to the disconnected generation in their communities.

We created 11 mini-docs depicting the journey featuring kids, parents, teachers and those who benefitted from the initiative. We recruited ambassadors, such as Misha B, to surprise kids at schools and inspire them to get involved by giving their time. And to close the campaign, created a final hero film shot from Rock Assembly at Wembley – a music gig for the 10,000 kids who were transformed into Digital Champions – featuring footage of the concert itself and interviews with the artists such as Professor Green and Ella Eyre.

The initiative was hugely successful with over 20,000 kids participating in the Digital Champions initiative reaching over 55,000 disconnected people in their local communities. 10,000 of the Digital Champions attended the Rock Assembly concert and the campaign generated 61 million OTS via the 12 films and editorial coverage.