Changing Perceptions of the british transport police with ‘we are btp’


The British Transport Police is often regarded as the inferior force, responsible for preventing people from jumping the barriers at stations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So Bad Madam was commissioned to create a fly-on-the-wall documentary series for social media; to change perceptions and show what it’s really like to ‘Be BTP’.

Over a series of weeks we followed different officers from across the British Transport Police; from the Chief Constable to call centre operatives; firearms officers to dog handlers. The film crew experienced a blue light run to rescue a vulnerable adult at a station, attended a training session at a disused tube station and watched how they practiced extracting casualties from under trains, followed in the thick of it as officers policed the Champions League game at Anfield, and went on patrol with firearms officers on a stop and search mission at Kings Cross station.

One private edit of the film has already been used by the Chief Commissioner within his presentation at a Police Security conference. The main hero edit will be used to launch the #WeAreBTP campaign this summer and will be released here once it has premiered on BTP channels. With so much incredible footage still to be used, we are currently crafting how a documentary serial could take shape, lifting the lid further on life in the BTP.