INSPIRING Kids to 'Just Keep Swimming' with FINDING Dory


Following the permission created with ‘Healthily Ever After’, the second challenge for Disney’s Healthy Living team was to sync the work with major studio releases. So the brief to Bad Madam was to create an integrated campaign that would teach kids to swim, and link it with the launch of their major summer release ‘Finding Dory’.

A partnership was secured with the Amateur Swimming Association and a programme of themed swimming lessons was created, featuring eight core skills shaped around the characteristics of the Dory characters. To launch the initiative, we built the first-ever underwater TV studio and trained two Disney Channel presenters how to not die whilst presenting TV underwater! We shot a hero film, and six further TV episodes where the presenters would open the show from the underwater studio, then pop up in a pool somewhere else to learn some of the skills with the kids. To cap the launch off, we shot social films with aquatic champions Tom Daley and Rebecca Adlington, to give the nation the push they needed to Just Keep Swimming.

The campaign sold out Finding Dory swimming lessons across 600 pools. Successes included 25% of all parents with kids aged 3-11 being aware of the initiative, the TVC delivered over 10 million impressions, the interstitials delivered 11 million impressions, the PR films delivered 488,000 views, the social media campaign reached 1.6 million people and 223 pieces of media coverage were secured. Most importantly though, 70,000 children learned to swim with Disney and Finding Dory.

Disney Finding Dory 'Just Keep Swimming' TVC