Helping Families to Stay Healthy with Disney's
Biggest Blockbusters


The third and final chapter in the Disney Healthy Living story was a brief to roll the proposition out across all major studio franchises, including Star Wars, Spiderman, Frozen and Mickey Mouse, and use them to encourage families to get active together.

We wanted to make the activities fast and fun. So we developed a campaign using step-by-step guides and called it ‘1,2,3… Let’s Go’. We then created exercise activities everyone could do together, to get families moving in step with their favourite Disney blockbusters and focused on swimming, running and cycling, using moves iconic to each of the famous characters. Each of the 21 films featured live action tips combined with Disney footage from franchises including Cars, Toy Story and the Marvel studio. The shoot took place in Portugal and the UK over 12 days which helped us shoot spring in winter and tailor the films for a number of European markets.

The campaign was a huge success throughout the summer of 2017 with the films used across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and was subsequently relicensed for use through to 2019. The hero film was viewed over 40,000 times on YouTube, resulting in a 26% uplift in awareness of Disney’s Healthy Living campaign.