making the case for adult vaccinations with ‘Little MisChief’


Merck commissioned Bad Madam to produce and direct a short film for use online in the run up to World Immunisation Week. The brief was simple – emotional, compelling, feel-good, inspiring and action-orientated. To be used to convince adults to get vaccinated. Oh, and most importantly…no dialogue whatsoever!  

The insight was equally simple. Parents and grandparents are massive hypocrites when it comes to their health, prioritising vaccinations for their children but ignoring them for themselves. So we wrote, produced and directed Little MisChief - a film shot in Madrid about a young girl, Mia, her sister Natalia and her grandparents, illustrating the double standards that exist when it comes to adult vaccinations.

Little MisChief has seen success not even envisaged by its writers. First shot in 2015, it has been reversioned every year since and led Merck’s World Immunisation Week’s global campaign annually. What began as a social film for Latin America only, has now featured in the US, all over Asia and Western Europe and has to date been translated into a dozen languages. It remains front and centre of the client’s communications, and last year spawned its own cheeky child – a new series of shorts produced for National Child Immunisation Week.