LUca rossetti


Like most kids, Luca’s mind was all over the place. Originally he wanted to be an archaeologist, then a marine biologist, and after seeing Jurassic Park, a paleontologist! But, when he realised that was misguided, he decided he wanted to be a dreams maker…

Obsessed with movies and how they are made, he absorbed everything he could from books, special features on DVDs and people in the field. Through passion, hard work, and training however and wherever he could, he took the plunge and left Italy to pursue a career that would see him become one of the most sought-after VFX supervisors in Hollywood.

Visual effects has always been his home within the film industry, having realised he was good at translating the mood of blockbusters from a storyboard, into groundbreaking visual effects on the screen. From concept artist to VFX Supervisor, Luca boasts an impressive credits list including Wolverine, STAR WARS: Rogue ONE, The Great Gatsby, Conan the Barbarian, Snow White and the Huntsman, Total Recall, Alice in Wonderland 2 and The Mummy Reboot.

He has worked direct with studios and directors, as well as with major VFX studios worldwide from Double Negative to Animal Logic, Rising Sun Pictures to Sony Pictures Imageworks and was accepted into the Visual Effects Society in 2011, in recognition of his contribution to visual effects across the Harry Potter franchise.

Naturally, from being surrounded by so many talented filmmakers, he started to get the director bug. Writing scripts, and developing stories, his first short was written in 2006 and shot two years ago, a production where Luca played the roles of Director, DoP, Editor, VFX, Wardrobe, and Art department! He has recently shot commercial work for brands including Nike and Hyundai and is hoping to direct productions that pull on both his storytelling ambitions, and his VFX skills, as it remains a rare combination to find a director who can do both!