raising awareness of childhood vaccinations


Following the enormous success of Little MisChief, Bad Madam was commissioned to create a sequel to raise awareness of child vaccinations globally as part of National Infant Immunisation Week in 2018.

As with Little MisChief, the insight was simple – we do things everyday to protect ourselves and our children. So we wrote and directed a hero film with multiple mini-films, bringing to life these daily no-brainers – holding the handrail down stairs; or hands crossing a road; putting on a seatbelt or wearing a bike helmet – then delivered the twist at the end to ask why you wouldn’t then protect against childhood illnesses by getting vaccinated…

Little MisChief set the bar high. And that scaled the challenge with Merck wanting a film for every major territory. So five cast became nineteen, and eight key markets including Japan, France, Ireland, Australia, Canada and Greece were depicted using culturally-appropriate cast and art direction at shoot locations across the UK and Portugal. The campaign was used globally across the local Merck websites, with shorter versions of the films featuring country-specific stories used in-market, before the films were re-licensed in 2019 for WIW once more.