lobbying Government to ‘CLOSE THE LOOPHOLE’


The NSPCC is lobbying the UK Parliament to extend the ‘Position of Trust’ law to include all adults who supervise and care for a young person under 18, making it illegal for them to engage in sexual activity with a child. We were asked to produce a hard-hitting film to raise awareness of this loophole and those most affected by it to assist in the charity’s lobbying efforts.

Bad Madam wrote and directed a short film that laid bare the stupidity of this loophole, and told the stories of the vulnerable young adults at risk until the law is changed. Choosing a direct-to-camera approach, we showed each of the young characters in settings where they relied upon the care of an adult, but where they were particularly at risk of abuse. We heard their stories directly from their mouths, as they stared straight down the lens and told the audience why the law should be changed.

The film is being used as part of the campaign from May 2019 onwards, to educate parents and children on why sports and youth leaders, driving instructors, swimming coaches and other adults in positions of trust should also be governed by the ‘Position of Trust’ law, and ultimately lobby MPs to agree to Close the Loophole.