Long-standing client, the NSPCC asked us to create a film to raise funds for their new initiative, Together for Childhood, to unite all child protection experts in the local community. The crucial part of the brief was to create something emotional and moving yet avoid over-dramatising the issue through shock tactics.

We wrote a script that depicted the beginning of the problem everyone would recognise. But then, using stop motion and some clever Hollywood camera trickery, we paused right at the point the audience thought they knew what would be coming, and instead flew in 3D through the scene into an alternate story, taking the audience on a different journey, through the same characters, to show what working Together For Childhood could look like, and delivered an alternate ending to the story that had started with the abuse that could’ve been prevented.

The film headlined at a conference of high-net-worth donors to raise the millions of pounds needed to get Together For Childhood started, and prove the revolutionary new approach could work. The film short is now being re-purposed for social media, and pilot schemes are rolling out across the country to prevent child abuse, by tackling it TOGETHER.