Sasha denny

IMG_Sasha_Child Soldier.png

Sasha graduated from the London College of Communication and has gone on to direct music videos, promotional projects and worked on numerous award winning short films.  She takes inspiration from everyday life, reflecting on culture, identity and social issues where human interactions shine through.

Her current project, an abstract short, celebrates female empowerment. This was inspired by the strong role models who have been influential in her life. Using music, dance, spoken word and visual projections, she encourages each of the four female artists to respond creatively to one another’s ideas, to evolve into a collaborative interpretation of her initial concept. 

Sasha was selected by the Manifold Dance Platform to showcase a live re-enactment of her music video, Solace, at the Kazimier in Liverpool. Her work was chosen by Screen25, Shorts in the South, as part of their initiative to champion home grown cinema. She has also been featured in Promo News, DIY and Clash.