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Simon Deeley is a documentary filmmaker who has written and directed films for broadcasters and content providers as varied as Netflix, Discovery, National Geographic, CBS Reality, ITV, BBC2, the United Nations, UKTV, Sky Vision, Al Jazeera International, Canal Plus, RTVE Spain, and even the Open University.

A skilled storyteller, Simon is experienced at researching and generating dramatic narratives and passionate about turning complex subjects into compelling stories. He has directed hundreds of hours of drama reconstruction, often balancing the challenges of having to stage complex sequences involving cars, gun fights and explosions, or delicately draw commentary from sensitive and nervous victims, or shoot in hostile environments across the USA, Argentina, West Africa, India, Egypt and all over Europe. He even had to recreate the Amazon, Belize and Zimbabwe in locations across the UK and France for documentary ‘Raiders of the Lost Past’!

Simon’s recent core work has been writing and directing drama documentaries on compelling themes including true crime, international terrorism, espionage and music biography. At the same time Simon has applied his self-shooting and editorial skills on independent documentary projects covering mental health, environmentalism and conflict resolution.

Within True Crime, his credits include: ‘Hitler’s Circle of Evil’ for Netflix (2 episodes, Producer Director, directing all drama including the showcase scene of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich); ‘Killers Most Infamous’ for the Discovery Channel (2 episodes, Producer Director); ‘Killer Doctors on Death Row’ for CBS Reality (2 episodes, Producer Director); and ‘The Investigator: A British Crime Story’ for ITV (4 episodes Producer & Camera).

Within Historical, his credits include: ‘Railway Secrets’ for UKTV (2 episodes, Producer Director filming on location in Germany and the Yukon, Alaska); ‘Mysteries of World War 2’ for National Geographic (Series, Producer Director) and ‘Birth of Empire: The East India Company’ for BBC2 (1 episode, Shooting AP).

And within Social Exploration, his credits include: ‘Argentina in Therapy’, his own independent production, broadcast on RTVE Spain and Canal Plus, that investigated why Buenos Aires boasts twice the number of psychoanalysts as New York; ‘Bible Hunters’ for BBC 2 (Producer & Camera); and ‘The Real Story’ for REELZ, exploring the real-life stories and controversies behind the events and people that inspired Hollywood movies ‘Patriots Day’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’.