We don’t use the term BAME. Despite its ambition to be about inclusion, it’s ironically singular given its sole focus on race. Nor do we use any of the other buzzwords, as none of them accurately represent the lack of representation within the creative and production industries.

We’re not interested in ethnicity. Or gender. Or age, pedigree or class. What we judge is voice. Whether you have one. Whether it adds weight to a story that needs to be told. And whether it therefore deserves a chance to be heard.

Obviously we don’t mean a literal voice. If you’re a creative, your voice is how you think, how you solve, and how your ideas will connect. If you’re a director, it’s how you express your story visually, how you capture a story both literally and figuratively. If you’re a writer, it’s about the power with which you write, the emphasis you create through rhythm and sequence. If you’re well-known, it’s still more than your physical voice, it’s about whether people listen when you talk and the authority and passion contained within what you say. And if you’re a so-called ‘influencer’, you probably won’t find anywhere for your voice here. 

You’ll see on our people page we have an astounding group of voices whose vision is engrained within the stories we tell. But too often, those with the right background, or the right connections, or the right face or sex will cut through faster. So we’ve raised a fund exclusively to provide opportunities for under-represented voices to be heard too. Here you’ll find the 2019 UnRep’d class - voices we believe in, people we want to see grow into great storytellers within the industry of tomorrow, people for whom we’ll find places on our productions, where we get the benefit of their fresh perspectives, and they get unparalleled experience in an industry hard to learn.

We’re always interested in hearing from new talent, and the UnRep’d fund is exclusively for those we believe need an opportunity created for them within the industry. You could be an emerging director, writer or documentary-maker, or a fresh creative, or an old hand with a story to tell, or anyone else with a distinctive way of thinking and expressing yourself. And if you are, and you’re passionate about telling stories that need to be told, then we’re keen to hear from you.


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We’re in the process of updating our submission guidelines and these will be published here soon. If you’re interested in becoming part of the UnRep’d class of collaborators, register here: